Joseph Kellman – 1920-2010

Joseph Kellman was born on January 7, 1920, and grew up in the North Lawndale community area of Chicago. In the 9th grade, Joe was forced to drop out of school to work in his father’s glass shop. After his father’s death, he and his brother Morrie assumed ownership of the glass business until they dissolved their partnership in 1950. Over the next 45 years, the business grew into The Globe Group, the nation’s largest privately owned auto glass replacement company.

He vowed never to forget his early beginnings, and he committed himself to serving youth and their families in North Lawndale. Because of Joe’s interest in the sport of boxing, he founded the Archie Moore Boxing Gym in 1961 at 1512 South Pulaski in North Lawndale as an after-school boxing club for boys. Shortly after opening the gym, Joe realized that sports alone could not change the direction of a young person’s life. He was often heard saying, “sports are a lure, not a cure.” Boxing, while positive in its focus on discipline and physical skills development, did little to improve long-term life outcomes for youth in the community.