BBF L.E.A.D – Teens and Young Adults

BBF L.E.A.D – Teens and Young Adults

BBF L.E.A.D – Youth is a year-round program serving ages 13 to 24.  The program has a dual focus—pre-vocational, post-secondary education, and academics. Students participate in a variety of activities addressing social, emotional, health/fitness, and recreational needs.  Field trips and community service activities are also planned. 

Youth graduating from high school are eligible to apply for a BBF Memorial Scholarship for college study or vocational training.

For more information and to schedule an appointment to enroll your child, contact the following:

Crystal Cross at 773-542-7328 or

Waliy Eleim at 773-542-7340 or

BBF L.E.A.D Teens and Young Adults primary goals are to:

  • Provide a safe environment for youth living in one of Chicago’s most socio-economically at risk communities
  • Bolster academic achievement through creation of a rigorous learning environment that encourages pride in achievement, promotes “future orientation” related to post secondary life, and provides individualized academic support
  • Promote healthy physical, social-emotional and ethical growth through a spectrum of structured and age-appropriate activities
  • Encourage creativity/cultural awareness by providing opportunities for artistic/cultural engagement as well as regular access to cultural spaces
  • Help develop personal interests and build prevocational and life/social skills through engagement in hands-on learning activities
  • Partner with parents, teachers and the larger community in delivery of programs and services
  • Aid in the creation of networks of social capital through which youth can acquire and leverage the resources they will need to transition successfully into adulthood

Teens and Young Adult-based activities include:

  • Asset assessment and goal setting
  • Individualized academic assessment and guidance
  • General homework help and one-to-one, subject-specific tutoring
  • Academic planning related to high school matriculation and postsecondary study
  • BBF Youth programs:
    • Audio/Digital  (audio and digital music production)
    • Biking (bicycle mechanics)
    • Food (culinary arts and nutrition)
    • Media(film making and film studies)
    • Agriculture/Planting (agriculture and gardening)
    • Fashion(fashion design and production)
    • Rhyhem/Dance (rhythm-based dance and choreography)
    • Group workshops on topics of relevance to teenagers
    • Recreational activities
    • Field trips
    • Service/Community learning



BBF  Participant

When I came to BBF, I was coming just for the apprenticeship stipend.  It really wasn’t something I thought I would gain things from.  But now I can barely stop coming to BBF. Thanks to BBF, I have been interviewed by NBC5 about my film work, learned to use Final Cut Pro, editing software that famous directors use, and even made a movie trailer based on Hoop Dreams. Now I want to attend Columbia and study Media Arts.


BBF  Participant

Education is something they focus on at BBF. You can really bring your grades up by working with the tutors at BBF. I did in math and English. I also have a chance to do other things l like to do like music and dancing. And it might sound stupid, but I’m really glad that I get a snack at BBF!  It helps me stay focused on whatever I’m doing here—studying or dancing or whatever. Everyone at BBF is nice. I really like it here.


BBF  Participant

I started off with an F in math last year. I was kind of embarrassed to ask for help, but when they saw my report card at BBF, I didn’t even need to ask. They started tutoring me. If I hadn’t brought that math grade up, I probably wouldn’t have been able to get into Holy Trinity High School. BBF helped me get in and get a scholarship. Now I know that I will be able to go to college because I am going to a good school.

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